"Dutjahn (Australian sandalwood) is more than a sacred plant to the Martu and Wongi Nations, it is part of our soul and a key link to our spiritual identity"

Darren Farmer, Chairman of Dutjahn Custodians


Dutjahn Sandalwood Oils (DSO) is a sandalwood oil distillation company backed by Dutjahn Custodians, Kutkabbuba Aboriginal Corporation and the founders of WA Sandalwood Plantations.

This strategic alliance offers a new level of security and supply to all current and future users of Australian sandalwood oil. DSO will provide access to a full range of sustainably and ethically sourced sandalwood oils. DSO’s principal objective is to protect the integrity and reputation of Santalum spicatum and through Indigenous Certification create world’s best environmental approach to allowing Indigenous people to wild harvest a precious natural resource whilst phasing in the new plantation supply.


Our Mission is to...

  • Relaunch the true spicatum oil brand and reinstall it in the fine fragrance industry independent of other sandalwood oils;
  • Provide long-term supply of a high-quality product that is consistent in quality, volume and price;
  • Increase and grow demand for spicatum oil through product development, innovation, assurity of long-term supply and inclusion of key industry stakeholders; 
  • Work with Traditional Native Title Holders to re-invigorate Indigenous Certification in the supply chain through the payment of Royalties into the K. Farmer Dutjahn Foundation, that will ensure all protocols and Indigenous Certification programs are respectful and inclusive of the Indigenous communities that are the original custodians of Australian sandalwood.

‘We seek to reinvigorate Australian sandalwood (spicatum) oil, to assist our customers compound and communicate exceptional perfumes and active cosmeceutical bases that rightfully demand world’s best practice in the supply chain’

Keith Drage – Director, DSO


Where do we source our sandalwood?

Dutjahn Sandalwood Oils are sourcing oil bearing wood via three primary avenues of long term supply, being:

  1.  Premium wild harvest wood that is currently sustainably managed and harvested by Kutkabbuba Aboriginal Corporation.
  2.  A 100 tonne of wild wood per annum 10 year supply agreement with the West Australian government. 
  3. WA Sandalwood Plantations currently manages more than 13,000 hectares of spicatum plantations, which commenced harvesting in 2015 and will continue over the next 25 years. This resource is accredited under PEFC/AFS certification.

The oils from each of these sources provide DSO competitive advantage and product differentiation.


Indigenous Community Benefit Fund

Earlier this year DSO secured a 10 year supply agreement with the Government of Western Australia (Forest Products Commission) which includes a A$2,000 per tonne royalty paid by DSO to the K Farmer Dutjahn Foundation to increase Indigenous involvement in the sandalwood supply chain.
This is a $2,000,000 Voluntary Industry Levy Contractual Commitment.

The Foundation will assist in the formation of The Dutjahn Ranger Program , which will audit the wild resource and create an Indigenous sandalwood management plan. This Ranger methodology will be broadened to allow other native title holders with sandalwood to form their own Dutjahn Ranger labour forces with full access to equipment and IP from this initial program.